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AZELAzimuth and Elevation
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The azimuth and elevation tracking error of the EATD only have influence on the centroid coordinates of the focal spot along x-axis and y-axis, respectively.
Kwon, "Azimuth and elevation angle estimation with no failure and no eigen decomposition," Signal Processing, vol.
An antenna array configuration (H, V) corresponds to the horizontal and vertical elements whilst angular spread (AZ, EL) represents the angular spread in azimuth and elevation respectively.
When the elevation deviation angle is small, the CNR of sum channel is always bigger than those of both azimuth and elevation difference channels, and the CNR of elevation difference channel is much smaller than that of azimuth difference channel.
To derive the probability of Angle of arrival of multi-paths, a 3D Geometric model is proposed in [8] as seen from BS and MS simultaneously in azimuth and elevation planes.
A single-piece system, it includes a small miniaturised acoustic sensor array with embedded electronics, a built-in processing unit with gyro meter, and a man-machine interface showing to the soldier the shot direction both in azimuth and elevation thanks to green and red diodes.
Table 1 lists the azimuth and elevation angles for the forty eight sound source locations used in the minimal array specified in the standard.
There is a solar sensor used in vehicles to estimate thermal radiance source position (azimuth and elevation) in the sky hemisphere and the amplitude of irradiance.
This method uses the probe to sample the near-field on the measurement hemisphere at uniformly spaced azimuth and elevation angles.
The tracker system is set on two mechanical gearboxes for azimuth and elevation with ratio 1:80.
When hostile fire is encountered, the system offers azimuth and elevation of the source.
The lighting kit uses a series of LEDs with green lights that provide enough illumination to read the azimuth and elevation scale and level vial, but not enough light for the enemy to see.