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If the new imaging modes cannot be described by the UMC defined in the manuscript, a refined two-dimensional UMC should be studied for describing both azimuth and range steering rules of antenna-beam.
1] in azimuth and in the range direction are -5 km and -10 km, respectively, while the relative azimuth and range distance of P3 are 5 km and 10 km, respectively.
For sake of simplicity, gain/offset functions can be split into two independent one dimensional (1D) functions, varying in azimuth and range directions.
Due to underlying independence between the phenomenons causing scalloping and ISB, 2D gain function can be split into two independent functions varying in azimuth and range directions.
We proposed a novel framework to remove scalloping and ISB using Kalman filters in azimuth and range direction sequentially.
si] ([tau]) denote azimuth and range impulse response function, respectively; [lambda] denotes wavelength, R (t) denotes the slant range from the transmitter to the scatter, [R.
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a remote sensing instrument offering high azimuth and range resolution radar images.
The number of azimuth and range samples (both obey Nyquist rate) are [N.