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AZRAzureus (BitTorrent client)
AZRAdvanced Zip Repair (zip files)
AZRAusländerzentralregister (German: Central Foreigners Registry; database)
AZRAztar Corporation (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
AZRAcademisch Ziekenhuis Rotterdam (Dutch: Academic Hosptial Rotterdam; Netherlands)
AZRAssign Zone Restriction Lists (US DoD)
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Euspilotus azureus (Sahlberg, 1823) (Coleoptera: Histeridae) stands out as the most-collected histerid in faunistic surveys associated with carcasses in Brazil (Souza and Linhares 1997; Mise et al.
Although almost all other CSPs (like RackSpace, GoGrid, Azureus, etc.
Note that PEX has been implemented by most of the existing BitTorrent clients and in particular by the most popular ones such as uTorrent or Azureus [10].
En BTC ocho especies presentan valores superiores a 20 ejemplares, cifra considerada arbitrariamente como valor minimo de abundancia: Euspilotus azureus, Xerosaprinus sp.
7] measure the usage of the Azureus BitTorrent DHT and provide a modified DHT lookup algorithm, which reduces DHT lookup time by an order of magnitude.
oolentangiense; SYN: Aster oolentangiensis Riddell, Aster azureus Lindl.
A Flowering chives Allium tuberosum P Pearly everlasting Anaphalis P margaritacea Blue Sky blue aster Aster azureus P Forget-me-not Myosotis sylvatica A Perennial forget Myosotis scorpiodes P -me-not Siberian bugloss Brunnera macrophyla P Summer forget-me-not Anchusa azurea A Iris Iris spp.
There are companies like BitTorrent and Azureus, which are establishing publishing and distribution platforms on open networks with computers across the internet.
BitTorrent, the company behind the eponymous peer to peer software, is launching a beta version with a video sharing service and has recently bought [micro]Torrent (a user application renowned for its lightness) to compete with the commercial service, Zudeo launched by Azureus.
Solidago nemoralis, Aster azureus, Amorpha canescens, and Coreopsis