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The tenure of Secretary Robert Seamans' in the 1970s featured modernization and scientific research, and the development of new and vastly improved weapons systems such as the C-5, F-15, B-1 bomber, and AWACS, an exponential increase in aerial battle management.
Rumsfeld's budget proposal, which included the downsizing of the B-1 bomber force.
Of course, just because OMB discovers a bad program, there's no guarantee it will die--Stubbing was an early (and prescient) critic of the B-1 bomber, upon which Congress and several presidents subsequently lavished $28 billion, only to see a test flight downed by a flock of birds.
This figure is comparable to the research and production costs of the MX missile and the B-1 bomber.
Contents Introduction Background: The Strategic Triad Force Structure and Size During the Cold War Force Structure and Size After the Cold War Current and Future Force Structure and Size Strategic Nuclear Delivery Vehicles: Recent Plans and Current Modernization Programs Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) Peacekeeper (MX) Minuteman III Minuteman Modernization Programs Future Programs Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles The SSGN Program The Backfit Program Basing Changes Warhead Issues Modernization Plans and Programs Future Programs Bombers B-1 Bomber B-2 Bomber B-52 Bomber Future Bomber Plans Issues for Congress Force Size Force Structure Safety, Security, and Management Issues Figures Figure 1.
You've heard stories of the airmen who--in the tradition of Doolittle's raiders--developed new B-1 bomber tactics and brought precision firepower to bear against Iraqi leadership targets in minutes.
You can't expect us to convert into industries for garbage disposal or cheap houses....The people making the B-1 bomber think they're working for the good of the community, and people have pride in it." His sentiments were widely shared.
Sure, Mondale is an arms control enthusiast who wants calmer relations with Moscow, promises to cancel the MX missile and B-1 bomber and proposes a somewhat lower rate of increase in defense spending.
The B-1 bomber no longer is equipped for nuclear missions.
* I see a young sergeant at Thumrait (in Southwest Asia) telling me as I approached a B-1 bomber--shortly after people thought I had a problem with B-1 bombers--that if I had a problem with the engines of that B-1 bomber that I would have to deal with her first.