B-17Boeing Flying Fortress (US; WWII bomber)
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Knowing how happy I had been a few years ago to have flown in a restored World War II B-17, Bill told me his father had been a B-17 pilot, had been shot down over Europe and spent time as a POW in Germany.
Memories of those World War II missions came flooding back Thursday as Sherman watched a B-17 nicknamed the "Aluminum Overcast" taxi down a Van Nuys Airport runway and pop open its hatch, ready to take him for a ride over the San Fernando Valley.
What was it like to experience the intense cold of the December 1944 Battle of the Bulge or to bail out of a burning B-17 cockpit?
It took the same route as the wartime B-17s from Maine, with stops in Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Scotland, to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambs, for an air show next week.
DOOMED FLIGHT: A Second World War Boeing B-17 'Flying Fortress' bomber similar to the one that crashed on Meltham Moor in 1945
Whether it's flying a B-17 from the mighty 8th from East Anglia to Russia; or a B-2 from Whiteman to Kabul and Kandahar; instead of crossing over countries now we're crossing over continents and oceans and we're maintaining this global vigilance from geosynchronous orbit.
The B-17, which was made in the thousands and flew daylight raids over German cities during the war, will be replaced by another Second World War veteran, the DC-3 Dakota transport.
Wally Blackwell, B-17 pilot and 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association president
Smith was all of 20 years old when he found himself in England with the Eighth Air Force, the co-pilot of a B-17 about to go to war over Hitler's Europe.
PIERRE BERGOUNIOUX, known for such works as La bete faramineuse (1986) and La puissance du souvenir dans l'ecriture (2000), now shares with readers his secret philosophical meditations concerning the fate of one American Eighth Army Air Corps Boeing B-17.
Britain's only remaining flying Lancaster bomber, a B-17 Flying Fortress and a series of American Second World War fighter planes were among the star attractions at the show.
With regard to DCIS, everyone wants to know this: Do all women with mammographically detected lesions benefit from adjunctive radiotherapy to the ipsilateral breast, as suggested by National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project study [NSABP] B-17, or is excision and observation sufficient in a subset of patients?