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B-26Douglas Invader Light Bomber (formerly A-26; Korea, Vietnam)
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There were so many such instances that the B-26 was dubbed the Widowmaker.
The sounds of the engine reminded me of aircraft passing low to the ground, and I went back to the battle scene, holding the B-26 that now was acting as if it were a Heinkel bomber supporting the German break through the lines.
Located at a remote site three miles east of Running Springs, the Keller Peak Lookout is also a brief walk from the spot where a B-26 bomber crashed in 1941; some of the wreckage of the bomber is still visible.
B-26 Marauder Historical Society National Reunion Oct 16-18, 2014, Akron, OH Contact:
Martyn Chorlton's MARTIN B-26 MARAUDER (9781780966052, $18.95) provides an in-depth coverage of one of the medium bombers of World War II and considers its design, development, operations during the war, and its many achievements.
Flying the B-26 Marauder over Europe; memoir of a World War II navigator, 2d ed.
In one of the early attempts, six American B-26 were flown north.
My father, who was the postmaster when Leland carried the rural mail, told me the surplus wheels and tires came off of a B-26 twin-engine bomber.
The B-26 Marauder delivered the highest survival rate of any bomber in WWII.
The aircraft honors a B-26 flown by Maj, David Dewhurst Jr., father of current Texas Lt.
Quickly cut off by road, the outpost could only be resupplied by air, from airfields 185 miles away, with inadequate numbers of aircraft, despite the borrowing of US Air Force C- 119 transports and B-26 bombers.
An executive officer and intelligence officer with this Martin B-26 medium-bomber group, Harlan has written a first-person account of the group's movement and actions and showcases his personal collection of strike photographs.