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B-26Douglas Invader Light Bomber (formerly A-26; Korea, Vietnam)
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There were so many such instances that the B-26 was dubbed the Widowmaker.
The sounds of the engine reminded me of aircraft passing low to the ground, and I went back to the battle scene, holding the B-26 that now was acting as if it were a Heinkel bomber supporting the German break through the lines.
The aircraft honors a B-26 flown by Maj, David Dewhurst Jr.
Quickly cut off by road, the outpost could only be resupplied by air, from airfields 185 miles away, with inadequate numbers of aircraft, despite the borrowing of US Air Force C- 119 transports and B-26 bombers.
An executive officer and intelligence officer with this Martin B-26 medium-bomber group, Harlan has written a first-person account of the group's movement and actions and showcases his personal collection of strike photographs.
The Good Shepherd depicts CIA-directed B-26 Bombers providing air cover for the Bay of Pigs landing party, and being blown out of the sky by jets from the Cuban air force, who--thanks to the unintended leak to the KGB--knew exactly when and where to intercept the invaders.
Meanwhile, a B-52, B-17, B-26, P-51, AT-6, and two other non-military performers were circling the airfield, waiting for sequencing instructions to land.
And yet, though we depend utterly on technologies that no one even imagined in 1940, we're still very much on a continuum as Airmen, as professionals, as warriors--from the Lafayette Escadrille, to the B-26 raids against Mayen and Prum in 1944, to the crews flying over Iraq and Afghanistan today.
El pasado 6 de agosto se cumplieron 60 anos del estallido de la primera bomba atomica, disparada por un avion B-26 estadounidense sobre la ciudad japonesa de Hiroshima.
Airplane wings, infantry ramp supports, plywood flaps for the Martin B-26, aircraft plywood for gliders, duckboards, floating footbridges, packboards and plywood toboggan sleds were items that kept the plant busy.
It was different in the Korean War, where Braly flew the smaller Douglas B-26 Invader with the 13th Bombardment Squadron (Light)--"The Devil's Own Grim Reapers"--of the 3rd Bombardment Group (Light).
asked Ed Figueroa, a former B-26 gunner, and Gene Koseinski, a bombardier on the B-24 Liberators.