B-DBecton, Dickinson & Co.
B-DBuss-Durkee Hostility Inventory (also seen as BDHI)
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B-D also provides a free take-home kit with educational literature for patients who are new to insulin and continues to advertise in diabetes journals and run retail promotions.
B-D, which has been in the thermometer market for over a century, entered a new segment of the category in the spring when it launched the B-D Assure infrared ear thermometer.
This "scanning" technology was developed for use in hospitals, says B-D product manager for fever Teresa Vasta.
The B-D Assure does not require probe covers and is easy to clean, she adds.
B-D Assure is being supported with print ads and a feature on the "Better Parenting" syndicated TV show.
The company penetrated a category that has been growing 20% annually with the August launch of B-D Assure home blood pressure monitors.
Every B-D has access to largely the same universe of products.
Does my B-D offer the latest products/ platforms to help me effectively compete in my market?
Which specialists does my B-D use to make sense of the changing product landscape?
A robust B-D compliance program offers registered representatives those critical tools to achieve the highest standards of business conduct.
Providing educational materials, implementing better processes and culling a staff of highly trained and knowledgeable compliance professionals is necessary to assist you, the representative, through the day-today-some of the many benefits that your B-D should be supplying your business.