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Take on a hot project: Plan a spa-day girls-only getaway, do an overhaul on your boudoir, or plot your own backyard b-day bbq bash.
That's why Hello Kitty, for her 30th b-day, is donating over $150,000 to UNICEF's education programs for girls.
Oh, and blowing out those b-day candles ought to get you all fired up for even more party time.
Lola can't think of a better way to celebrate your birthday; Oh, and when you're blowing out your candles at this year's b-day bash, be careful what you wish for, Is that really what you want?
There's always a lesson in there somewhere, so take note (no blabbing secrets, no lying to the 'rents about where you're going and, hmm, maybe this is the year to invest in a calendar to keep b-days straight