B-IBasic Insulation
B-IBlue Infinity
B-IBillroth I Operation
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The 'AAA' rating on the Group B-I senior certificates reflects the 7.
Group B-I, which is an aggregate of loan groups 1 through 5, consists of 2,485 conventional, fully amortizing 10- to 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loans secured by first liens on one- to four-family residential properties with an aggregate scheduled principal balance of $298,886,622.
Each of the classes 1-A-1 through 5-A-1, 15-PO component, 30-PO component, 1-A-X through 3-A-X, and C-A-X component (the Group B-I senior certificates), and the classes 6-A-1, 7-A-1, 8-A-1 through 8-A-5, 15-PO component, 30-PO component, C-A-X component, 7-A-X, 8-A-X, A-LR, and A-UR (the Group B senior certificates) will receive interest and/or principal from its respective mortgage loan group.