B-ICIBroadband Inter-Carrier Interface (also abbreviated BICI)
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RADCOM's B-ICI protocol analysis package allows three levels of decode, filter and graphical analysis of information captured off ATM links carrying B-ICI frames.
As there seems to be a consensus that ATM will flourish in the WAN, it was important for us to offer a B-ICI analysis package as soon as some of our customers requested it," said Yuval S.
The list price for the B-ICI decode package is $3,000.
Trillium's B-ICI protocol stack consists of its B-ISUP, MTP Level 3, Q.
Trillium plans to release a version which complies to the ATM Forum B-ICI version 2.
The LASAR-155 driver software will also interwork with Trillium's ATM Signalling, LAN Emulation, PNNI Routing and B-ICI software.