B-ISUPBroadband ISDN User Part (also seen as BISUP)
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The dual, simultaneous ATM analysis plus AAL-2 and B-ISUP decodes are included in the standard system software shipped with all Agilent Internet Advisors (release 11.
Trillium's enhanced B-ISUP software product implements the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Q.
Additionally, Trillium's enhanced B-ISUP software supports call modification procedures to modify the peak cell rate, sustainable cell rate and maximum burst size according to ITU Q.
If needed, a mapping function can be developed that will allow interworking between narrowband and broadband signalling networks using Trillium's ISUP and B-ISUP software products or between ISUP and the Q.
0 was recently finalized by the ATM Forum and includes protocols like MTP-3 and B-ISUP.
B-ISUP provides the signalling capabilities and functions required to support basic bearer services and management of resources between network nodes.