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B-MACMultiple Analogue Component, Type B (satellite encryption system)
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Both B-MAC protocol and X-MAC protocol use the LPL (low power listening) mechanism.
Scientific-Atlanta's presence in the digital BTV market is a natural extension of its B-MAC analog experience of the past several years.
users, Scientific-Atlanta called upon lessons learned in more than ten years of providing satellite television systems for BTV via its B-MAC technology to companies such as JCPenney, General Motors, and EDS.
NYRA has used Scientific-Atlanta's B-MAC signal protection system for about 10 years to control and safeguard the delivery of its programming.
NYSE: SFA) today announced ESPN plans to use its B-MAC (multiplexed analog component) signal protection system to safeguard the delivery of its programming to the majority of India's cable system headends which provide service to 16,000,000 cable subscribers.
For the last ten years B-MAC technology has been a solid performer for broadcasters and programmers, and is in use in more than 11 million Scientific-Atlanta conditional access devices in over 33 countries.
The PowerVu access control and encryption system manages and protects satellite transmissions, and is based on the system used in Scientific-Atlanta B-MAC systems, which have been installed in more than 130 countries worldwide.
BT's existing business television network uses Scientific-Atlanta's B-MAC (Multiplex Analog Components) technology for secure transmission.
McIntyre will be responsible for the following product lines: digital video compression; B-MAC satellite encyption; cable television headend, distribution and fiber optic equipment.
The product is compatible with today's analog B-MAC video networks and is upgradeable via a plug in module to digital networks.
The new compression ready IRD is compatible with today's analog B-MAC video networks and is fully upgradeable, via a plug-in module, to digital networking, providing business television networks with an easy and cost-effective migration to digital video.
The BBC recently launched its new 24-hour news and information service known as World Service Television (WSTV) to Asia, utilizing Scientific-Atlanta's B-MAC encryption system to secure the signal between England and Hong Kong.