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B-MACMultiple Analogue Component, Type B (satellite encryption system)
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Both B-MAC protocol and X-MAC protocol use the LPL (low power listening) mechanism.
B-MAC utilizes software automatic gain control as a method of Clear Channel Assessment (CCA), which accurately determines if the channel is clear, thus effectively avoiding collisions.
B-MAC, SpeckMAC, RI-MAC, A-MAC, and BoX-MAC-1 always transmit triggering signals for predetermined fixed duration, but some protocols, such as WISE-MAC, X-MAC, MXMAC, and BoX-MAC-2, transmit variable triggering signals depending on when a receiver is triggered.
As part of the Save Your Breath Campaign, the Central Jersey Chapter joins with B-MAC in its annual youth dance.
This cost will decrease by about $500 if you decide a B-Mac decoder (for security and encryption) is not necessary.
X-MAC [8] is an asynchronous duty-cycled MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks which is based on B-MAC [7] and uses a series of short preambles to achieve low-power communication without synchronization.
B-MAC is a CSMA-based protocol that utilizes low power listening and an extended preamble to achieve low energy consumption.
Asynchronous duty-cycling MAC protocols such as Aloha with preamble sampling [6] and B-MAC [7] do not require any time synchronization and reduce idle listening by Low Power Listening (LPL).
B-MAC [4] is one of the earliest studies for asynchronous MAC protocols which exploits a preamble sampling scheme.
In this section, we briefly introduce well-known asynchronous MAC protocols such as B-MAC, X-MAC and CMAC.
We then show the analytic results by comparing A-CAST to B-CAST, which is a simple broadcast extension of the well-known B-MAC unicast protocol [4].
In order to save energy like EASE, we adopted B-MAC [9] to be the MAC protocol of nodes and use an energy model to measure the energy consumption.