B-REPBoundary Representation
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For users, 4D_Additive makes it easy to define textures on the CAD model, simply choosing the desired B-Rep areas and a matching texture from the database.
Especially when the input model of components come from CAD software, it is important to take advantage of the B-Rep NURBS description to strengthen the algorithms and obtain a more transparent access to the behavior of the assembly components in the simulation framework.
Native interfaces read not only the B-REP data, but also the history and parametrics of the CAD models directly from the native data.
- pure primitive instancing (PPI), - spatial occupancy enumeration (SOE), - cell decomposition (CD), - sweeping (S), - constructive solid geometry (CSG), and - boundary representation (B-Rep).
"The dirty little secret" in computer-aided design (CAD), says Dan Staples, Siemens PLM vice president of product development, are the "challenges" in making generative design, additive manufacturing (AM) and reverse engineering "a cohesive whole." The problem revolves around faceted (mesh) versus B-rep (feature-based) models, and that never the twain shall meet--without some modern-day technology.
More than just a viewer, 3D_Analyzer[c] reads both feature-based and B-REP models.
The earliest solid modeling systems for mechanical design were based on the boundary representation (B-rep) approach.
For starters, it can import STL files (as well as other meshed geometry files) and keep those files as boundary representations (B-rep; solids).
Although in the past IGES solid model support was limited to the constructive solid geometry (CSG) approach, the B-Rep method is used by most of the leading CAD vendors.