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B-SCANSurface Channel Display Console (Tartar)
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Figure 2(a) is a simulated B-scan, and Figure 2(b) is the extraction result where [[tau].sub.1] = 0.
Figure 7(a) and Figure 7(e) show correspondingly the B-scan and background subtracted image containing five targets.
B-scan in differentiating pseudoglioma from retinoblastoma, apart from confirming the diagnosis of retinoblastoma.
B-SCAN enables the online retrieval of construction permit applications; provides online access to most job folder contents on the Internet via BISWeb; empowers Buildings staffto electronically manage construction permit applications; allows most job filing documents to be managed, retrieved, archived and accessed online; provides access to virtually all documents associated with New Building and Alteration permit applications (with the exception of architectural plans).
A test to identify psychopathic managers has been developed by two of the world's leading experts on psychopathic disorders, Professor Robert Hare and Dr Paul Babiak, and is known as the Business Scan or B-Scan.
The Epoch III ultrasonic flaw detector from Panametrics is a portable unit that provides echo-to-echo thickness measurements, time-varied gain for distance/amplitude variations due to material attention and beam spreading, and encoded B-scan that maps cross-sectional images of thickness measurements with full encoder compatibility.
Blink artefacts are seen as black horizontal bands on the en face image (see Figure 1) or lost data when scrolling through the B-scan (see Figure 1).
In this article, we describe the multimodal imaging features of precursor RAP lesions, including optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA), and present the results of long-term follow-up with B-scan spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) using high sampling density and eye-tracking mode.