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B-SCANSurface Channel Display Console (Tartar)
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B-scan ultrasound, OCT, and FFA are useful to detect signs suggestive of PVRL, and multiple lineages of evidences including cytopathology, flow cytometry, gene rearrangement, and cytokine analysis are useful to establish a conclusive diagnosis.
This is a study of 100 cases of ocular trauma by B-scan.
En face imaging relies upon acquisition of a high number of B-Scans in a dense raster scanning pattern, hence the development of faster SD-OCT and SS-OCT systems has allowed production of useful en face images.
Before surgery of the traumatized eye it is helpful to have knowledge of the degree of internal derangements; B-scan has proved the ideal tool that provides information about vitreous hemorrhage, lens dislocation and rupture, detachments of the coats, globe rupture and foreign bodies etc.
Figure 2(a) is a simulated B-scan, and Figure 2(b) is the extraction result where [[tau].
Figure 5 shows first nine eigen components of B-scan image containing five targets in it.
Supervisor psychopathy measure: The B-Scan is a new 360 degree measure of corporate behaviour.
In those patients with poor or no view of fundus, B-scan ultrasonography was done with AB 5500+ A/B Scan (Sonomed, USA).
In B-scan ultrasonography a two dimensional cross section of the eye and orbit is obtained (Figure 1).
For corrosion detection applications, the gauge offers Thru-Coat and Echo-to-Echo to measure thickness with no need to remove paint and coatings, time-based B-scan that converts live thickness readings into cross-sectional drawings, and the V-path Builder to build custom V-path compensation curve for dual element probes.
At the same time, Baum and Greenwood2 devised two dimensional B-scan for ophthalmic diagnosis.
Scans were performed on the supine patient with a pre-existing Aloka SSD 500 B-scan ultrasound machine (Aloka, Japan) with a 3.