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B-TREEBinary Tree
B-TREEBalanced Multiway Search Tree
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4, while the B-tree indexed head table has its own features compared with the RB-tree in the HRB-tree.
The heaped table requires a full table scan to either locate an instance of a single key or to locate multiple instances for a range of keys; while the hashed table can efficiently locate an instance of a specific key, but still requires a full table scan to locate a range of keys; whereas a B-tree can perform both searches efficiently.
In the time-key category, we present the POSTGRES storage system and the use of composite indexes, segment-R tree, write-once B-tree, time-split B-tree, persistent B-tree, multiversion B-tree, multiversion access structure, and the overlapping B-tree.
According to the skeptic, the b-tree in W2 is also identical to the a-tree in W1.
Meeting the needs of 21st Century Big Data, TokuMX replaces 40-year-old B-tree indexing technology with Tokutek's patented Fractal Tree Indexing to vastly improve how MongoDB organizes and stores information.
An extended B-tree node contains the information of the timestamp and the aggregation values of the trajectories with two directions.
Big tables with dynamic data, such as a fact table, rule out B-Tree indexes, as well as hashed clusters.
Inverse lists can do many things that the B-tree indexes commonly used by a relational database cannot.