B-hcGBeta subunit of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
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B-hCG was measured on presentation as the initial B-hCG, it ranged from 4445 to 142940 mIU/L, it did not add value to the diagnosis, but was in follow up of treatment success.
Her physician gave injection methotrexate, and B-HCG was performed to see any abnormalities.
* If serum B-HCG level does not decline up to 15% from day 4 to day 7.
The serum b-hCG was elevated to 1668mIU/ml (normal < 10 mIU/ml).
In this study, [beta]-hCG are predominantly produced by syncytiotrophoblast and they can be also detected in the differentiating cytotrophoblast.As preeclampsia is probably a trophoblastic disorder, elevated b-hCG is thought to reflect early placental damage or dysfunction.
Although the urine b-HCG was negative, her serum b-HCG was 80.4 (0-5 mIU/mL).
There are two clear categories of hCG test: 1) intact hCG tests which are designed to detect the intact dimer only; while 2) total hCG tests (most commonly used in commercial laboratories)--also known as B-hCG tests--are designed to detect the dimer, as well as the free [beta]-subunit, and possibly nicked and other variants of hCG.
Data from these 2 specimen types have been used to create a precision profile for both PAPP-A and hCG (insufficient data are available for evaluating the free b-hCG subunit or the dimeric inhibin-A).
Initial treatment is based on symptoms, clinical findings and elevated b-HCG levels (2).
The only adverse obstetric outcome associated with low free b-HCG was in creased risk of fetal loss at or beyond 24 weeks' gestation (odds ratio 2.56).