B-REPBoundary Representation
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Especially when the input model of components come from CAD software, it is important to take advantage of the B-Rep NURBS description to strengthen the algorithms and obtain a more transparent access to the behavior of the assembly components in the simulation framework.
This structure will offer a way for explicitly representation of the semantic information attached to a shape and it will create a link between two different representations of the same model: B-Rep NURBS and polyhedral.
Acc-u-Trans now offers a preference setting that allows users to integrate existing B-Rep translators with Acc-u-Trans' full feature and history tree translator.
The expanded functionality includes B-reps (boundary representations) and kinematics for CAD, automation, and interactive entertainment applications, and georeferencing of geospatial assets for GIS and mapping software.
Import and convert assemblies and B-rep geometry from SolidWorks[R] and Inventor[R] formats
Anark Core can provide high-precision B-rep or lightweight 3D tessellated mesh output, and has several de-featuring tools, allowing for quick part, hole, and fillet removal.
TransMagic now reads and writes JT files in both visualization and B-Rep forms.
ACIS PHL V5 analyzes ACIS surfaces and solid models, and classifies all edges and silhouettes into the following classifications: -- Visible -- Hidden -- Occluded -- Exact or Polyline Edge B-Rep -- ACIS PHL V5 provides two curve representations for drawing the hidden line removal representation of the model.
Viz Exchange is a component that provides functionality specific to the needs of the visualization market such as the use of full solid b-rep data for measurement, faceting and mockup, as well as the ability to read and/or write standard 3D formats.
Solids Creation and Output: This innovative capability delivers B-rep solids from point clouds or polygons.
These include configuration management information, wireframe, surfaces with topology and B-Rep solid models.