B-REPBoundary Representation
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This "secret sauce," a form of hybrid modeling, lets designers and engineers use mesh models as if they were B-rep models.
Especially when the input model of components come from CAD software, it is important to take advantage of the B-Rep NURBS description to strengthen the algorithms and obtain a more transparent access to the behavior of the assembly components in the simulation framework.
The ability to import and convert assemblies and B-rep geometry from SolidWorks[R] and Inventor[R] formats.
Native interfaces read not only the B-REP data, but also the history and parametrics of the CAD models directly from the native data.
AFR techniques are classified into three groups based on the their input information: B-Rep, CSG, and 2D models.
Both B-rep and CSG methods are incomplete because they store only lists of mathematical definitions of surfaces or primitives and do not convey design intent very well.
JT files can be read and written in both visualization and B-Rep forms.
Although in the past IGES solid model support was limited to the constructive solid geometry (CSG) approach, the B-Rep method is used by most of the leading CAD vendors.
This work introduces new surface and new topology entity types, and also draws certain existing geometry entity types into the B-Rep scheme.