B29Burroughs (Unisys) Shared Resource Processor
B29Boeing Superfortress (US WWII bomber)
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With the possibility of getting rent from multiple occupants in one house, the B29 postcode could be a great investment for Birmingham landlords.
Juror B29 allowed her face to be shown, but used only the name Maddy.
ASME B29.100-2002, Precision Power Transmission, DoublePitch Power Transmission, and Double-Pitch Conveyor Roller Chains, Attachments, and Sprockets.
The unique first-hand record was penned over the Pacific by US Army Air Corps Captain Robert A Lewis, co-pilot of the B29 bomber Enola Gay.
For more details or to pay by credit card, call Silver Fox Promotions on 0161 B29 3109 (9am - 3pm Sunday and 9am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday).
Any modification that removed proline from the B29 position ablated cross-reactivity with the antiserum.
Grade II Listed Building 2016/08276/PA 94 Oakfield Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 7EG.
LICENSING ACT 2003 Yakinori Noodle Bento and Sushi Bar Limited is applying for the grant of a Premises Licence for Yakinori Noodle Bento and Sushi Bar and Restaurant Unit 2 Edge Apartments, 520,522, and 524 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6BD.
SIR - "On This Day" (Western Mail, August 6) reminds us that it is 69 years since the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II by the B29 Superfortress "Enola Gay", named after the mother of its pilot Col Paul Tibbitts.
Tsutomu Yamaguchi, known as "Lucky", was in Hiroshima on a business trip on August 6, 1945 when a US B29 dropped an atomic bomb.
Army Air Force during World War II, as a radio operator mechanic on a B17 Bomber and advanced to a B29 Bomber.
ASME B29.200-2001, Welded-Steel-Type Mill Chains, Welded-Steel-Type Drag Chains, Attachments, and Sprocket Teeth.