B2B1Business to Business 1
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Genotype and allele frequencies among groups Control n: 100 (%) Single vessel Double vessel n: 72 (%) n: 75 (%) Genotypes B2B2 29 (29) 13 (18.1) 14 (18.7) B2B1 45 (45) 36 (50.0) 25 (33.3) B1B1 26 (26) 23 (31.9) 36 (48.0) Alleles B2 51.5 43.1 35.3 B1 48.5 56.9 64.7 Triple vessel p n: 63 (%) Genotypes B2B2 17 (27.0) 0.028 B2B1 20 (31.7) B1B1 26 (41.3) Alleles B2 42.9 0.026 B1 57.1 TABLE 3.
Therefore, the acquirer will keep its strategy as a2a2 and the target adopts the strategy b2b1. This occurs due to a simple reason, that the acquirer can take advantage of the target if he finds out that the target is pessimistic when the acquirer is risk taking.
De forma alternativa, las ejecuciones ABAA podrian servir como demostracion de igualacion de pares de estimulos iguales funcionalmente hablando (A1B1, A2B2) con pares de estimulos perceptualmente iguales (ej., B1B1, B2B2) y pareas de estimulos diferentes funcionalmente (B1B2, B2B1).
Directed agency bargains can be further divided, into serial loyalist bargains (B2b1), involving a career corps of public servants practicing serial loyalty to a succession of political masters (in the same spirit as serial monogamy) and personal loyalist bargains (B2b2).
It is inapplicable in principle to directed agency bargains (of types B2b1 and B2b2).