B2C2Brigade and Below Command and Control
B2C2Battalion and Below Command and Control
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Parameter Set value Fault type LG: A1N, A2N, B1N, B2N, C1N, and C2N LL: A1B1, A2B2, B1C1, B2C2, A1C1, and A2C2 LLG: A1B1N, A2B2N, B1C1N, B2C2N, A1C1N, and A2C2N LLL: A1B1C1, A2B2C2 Fault location 1, 10, 20, 30, ...,80,and90KM ([L.sub.f] in KM) Fault inception angle 0[degrees] and 90[degrees] ([[PHI].sub.i]) Fault resistance 0, 50 and 100 H ([R.sub.f]) Prefault power flow 45[degrees] angle ([[delta].sub.s]) Table 3: Comparison of ANN models for FDL.
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The compounds were B1C1, B2C2 ("related" compounds) and B1C2, B2C1 ("unrelated" compounds).
O teste era encerrado quando fosse alcancado o indice 100% de respostas consistentes com o treino de linha de base (isto e, a emergencia das relacoes BIC1, B2C2 e B3C3) em tres blocos consecutivos.
As duas possibilidades de escolha e o responder diferencial de acordo com o estimulo-modelo, pode levar a formacao, nesse exemplo, das relacoes condicionais A1B1, B1C1, A2B2 e B2C2. Dado o estabelecimento dessas relacoes condicionais pelo reforco direto, pode-se testar a emergencia de relacoes que nao foram diretamente ensinadas.
B3/C2, B3/C3 Cl/Dl, C1/D2, C1/D3 C2/D1, C2/D2, C2/D3 C3/D1, C3/D2, C3/D3 Dl/El, D1/E2, D1/E3 D2/E1, D2/E2, D2/E3 D3/E1, D3/E2, D3/E3 Discriminations E1/E2, E1/E3, E2/E3 3 of comparisons 51 Table 4 An overview of the phases in the simultaneous protocol, listing the conditional discriminations presented during baseline training and derived relations testing for LS Experimental phases Trial types Acquisition of baseline A1B1, A2B2, A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 C1D1, relations All trial types C2D2, C3D3, D1E1, D2E2, D3E3 presented randomly Maintenance: thinning of programmed consequences A1B1, A2B2, A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 C1D1, C2D2, C3D3, D1E1, D2E2, D3E3 A1B1, A2B2, A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 C1D1.
A procedure that enables the demonstration of this kind of result, considering A 1, B 1, C 1, and A2, B2 and C2 as events with conditional or discriminative stimuli functions, is as follows: (a) if the sample is A1, selection of B1 and not B2 is reinforced (A1B1- the first stimulus, i.e., A1 in this example, always refers to the sample and the second, i.e., B1 in this example, to the comparison stimulus), (b) if the sample is A2, selection ofB2 and not B 1 is reinforced (A2B2), (c) if the sample is B 1, selection ofC1 and not C2 is reinforced (B1C1), (d) if the sample is B2, selection of C2 and not C1 is reinforced (B2C2).
Os testes das relacoes condicionais BC (B1C1, B2C2 e B3C3) foram apresentados em blocos de 12 tentativas, sem consequencias diferenciais.
M9B3, M10B3 5--Training BC B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 6--Test GCATC/MC G6C1, G7C1, G8C1, G9C1, G10C1, G11C1, G12C1, G13C1, G14C1, G15C1, T6C2, T7C2, T8C2, T9C2, T10C2, T11C2, T12C2, T13C2, T14C2, T15C2, M6C3, M7C3, M8C3, M9C3, M10C3, M11C3, M12C3, M13C3.
Using the second set of stimuli, the relations A1B1, A2B2, B1C1 and B2C2 were trained for the go response, as well as the relations A1B2, A2B1, B1C2 and B2C1 for the no-go response, as shown in Fig.