B2C2WGBoards, Bureaus, Centers, Cells and Working Groups
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Although corps ESCs are under the OPCON of their supported units, the theater LOGSTAT report and B2C2WG enable the TSC staff to prioritize which theater stocks to move forward to which units.
The same responsiveness demonstrated in the Damayan relief efforts needs to be applied to missile defense and should be included in the USPACOM B2C2WG process.
In an attempt to mimic and codify the success of the staff response during Operation Damayan and other B2C2WG achievements, USPACOM AADC and CCMD officers explored ways to improve missile defense integration with the goal of a collaborative problem-solving process.
Willard directed several critical events that helped the B2C2WG leads through the planning process and consequently helped the KM team achieve some of our fundamental organizational objectives.
Willard, where the B2C2WG leads presented the commander their processes in detail.
* Build internal B2C2WG battle rhythms, identify inputs and outputs, and then consolidate.
Coupling the battle rhythm with the B2C2WG process in today's operational environment seems to be the best solution for integrating and synchronizing tasks and processes toward completing the mission.
Early on, there were discussions about the battle rhythm and synchronization of the B2C2WG. The 34th Infantry Division fundamentally adopted the base structure of the 10th Mountain Division's or Multi-National Division South's (MND-S's) battle rhythm, as directed by the division commander.
The B2C2WG framework became the definitive methodology for bringing all of the staffs together within the transition LOE working group.
The CJ-4's first priority during division and higher staff-level training was to define the core sustainment B2C2WGs, refine the process, and quantify how the output affected the bottom line, which was to sustain counterinsurgency operations, maintain combat power, and extend operational reach.
* Reviewed Army and joint sustainment doctrine to understand Title 10 responsibilities and the purpose and functions of combined-joint B2C2WGs.
Lastly, N4 has representatives who serve on other functional MOC B2C2WGs throughout the command (i.e.