B2DBackup to Disk
B2DBorn to Dance
B2DBusiness to Distributor
B2DBusiness to Disabled (movement to empower disabled people to have their own business)
B2DBored to Death
B2DBack to Desktop (software, crash)
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Subject of performance includes: a) supplying 2 backup to disk backup devices (hereinafter referred to as b2d) including all necessary components, b2d device accessories and standard software included with the supplied hardware; b) providing a guarantee for the delivered goods with support in the hardware parameters (hereinafter referred to as hw ) and software for 60 months (hereinafter referred to as the guarantee support ); c) providing subsequent sw support for 36 months from the end of warranty support or until end of support, whichever comes first; d) providing / securing non-exclusive licenses to sw, which is an integral and inseparable part of the supplied hw; e) administration and configuration training in prague.
NetApp and Data Domain are two vendors that provide B2D products that resolve some of the issues described above.
In relation to Criterion (B), Xantus' Murrelet qualifies for listing as "vulnerable" due to its small area of occupancy on offshore islands ([is less than] 2000 [km.sup.2]) and its fragmented distribution (B1), coupled with extirpation/declines observed or inferred at some locations (B2d), and continuing declines in the number of mature individuals (B2e).
W[y[prime].sub.OC] = [y.sub.OC][Phi]([Sigma][x.sub.i] + [x.sub.OC]) + [y.sub.OC][T.sub.OC], (B2d)
In formulas (B2a) to (B2d), the first part of the equation to the right of the equals sign is the fraction of that genotype produced by homokaryons.
Contract notice: framework agreement for acquisition of data protector software for b2d backup
Teradata will use the LSI Engenio 6998 storage system product to launch its new 9204 Backup-to-Disk (B2D) System for its data warehousing customers.
Teradata said the integration of the B2D System with its Warehouser offers the highest availability and protection of customers' critical business data.
It refers to servers, external disk (SAN), B2T and B2D backups, Core Network Switches and Network Load Balancers.
23 - B2D, Troqueer Arms, Troqueer Road, Dumfries, 9pm-12am.
The following hardware and software components to be procured: - Backup Software - Backup to Disk (B2D) Hardware - Backup to Tape (B2T) Hardware (Tape Libraries) The new solution must - The requirements (see paragraph 3.9) correspond, - Be expandable and make appropriate through annual extensions backup capacity for 5 years from go-live of the solution, And allow an optimal implementation of the backup strategy -.
The following hardware and software components to be procured: Backup Software Backup to Disk (B2D) Hardware Backup to Tape (B2T) hardware (tape libraries) The new solution must the set requirements (see Section 3.9) correspond the required backup capacity for 3 years from production rollout of the solution set available enable and optimal implementation of the backup strategy