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Fewer new brain cells than usual grew in the hippocampus, an important learning and memory center, when young mice were injected with B2M.
When they inhibited B2M in lab mice tests showed their learning and memory had improved.
7] Human genes: B2M, beta-2-microglobulin; CSMD2, CUB and Sushi multiple domains 2; C14orf102, chromosome 14 open reading frame 102; CNTNAP5, contactin associated protein-like 5; NRDE2, NRDE-2, necessary for RNA interference, domain containing; ADAM6, ADAM metallopeptidase domain 6, pseudogene; TRPM2, transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member 2.
The EFSA (2009b) summarized the available data in a meta-analysis in order to establish a dose-response relationship between U-Cd and B2M excretion.
With the B2M Elemez product and its integration into the corresponding backend operational systems, business managers are able to receive real-time, mission-relevant data and analysis to make more informed business decisions that improve worker productivity, processes and revenue potential.
Three mRNA targets were chosen for study: CK19 and B2M are housekeeping genes expressed in all cells, whereas PSA expression is restricted primarily to prostate epithelial cells.
B2M has previously been associated with CHD risk factors including age, blood pressure, and C-reactive protein, and has been reported to show an inverse association with high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.
B2M Solutions, a mobile enterprise management company, has announced that its mprodigy mobile management suite is being used by Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions, a provider of energy management solutions and sustainability, to deliver a worldwide mobile maintenance system.
When they inhibited B2M in lab mice tests showed their learning and memory had improved, the study published in journal Nature Medicine found.
After a shotgun start and the sun making an appearance, players from seven teams were able to sample the delights of the course and had the opportunity to win awards from Qcom, sponsors of the putting competition, Scansource and B2M, sponsors of the nearest to pin, BlueStar sponsors of the longest drive and Ingram Micro, sponsors of "Beat the Pro" challenge which involves amateur players trying to beat the tee shot played by the pro.
B2M offers the ability to provide analytics at the device level, as well as the system and infrastructure levels, said Tony Palcheck, managing director, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital.