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B2MMLBusiness to Manufacturing Markup Language
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The information platform uses XML and B2MML technologies to structure a new set of performance measurement exchange message schemas (PM-XML).
B2MML extends XML to set up a grammar, a message structure, for manufacturing data and how manufacturing and business systems communicate.
B2MML labels the data elements in each of these models.
By using standard B2MML (Business-To-Manufacturing Markup Language) messages, customers can automatically download production schedule and bill-of-material (BOM) information to plant systems, obtain real-time views of actual production order status including alerts and receive real-time feedback of actual material consumptions for accurate report-as-finished journals.
Wonderware's certified enterprise integration application leverages SAP's NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (XI) and open plant system integration capabilities from Wonderware to create a standard B2MML XML implementation of the ISA-95 standard.
The software also supports industry standards such as WBF B2MML and ISA-95, and enhancements have been added to the built-in event-handling feature.
The open B2MML standard, and the fact that key players like SAP and Wonderware now fully back it by product developments, is the key to move from custom-made integration to affordable B2M interoperability.
The design philosophy of Wonderware's Enterprise Application Integration offering leverages several technologies: the standards defined by ISA 95 Part 1,2 for manufacturing to enterprise integration; WBF (World Batch Forum) B2MML standards for document and messaging exchange; Invensys' innovative ArchestrA software architecture for integrating virtually any plant system; Microsoft's .