B2NBridge to Nowhere
B2NBusiness to Nobody (E commerce)
B2NBack to Normal
B2NBackup to Neighbor (peer-to-peer program)
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Parameter Set value Fault type LG: A1N, A2N, B1N, B2N, C1N, and C2N LL: A1B1, A2B2, B1C1, B2C2, A1C1, and A2C2 LLG: A1B1N, A2B2N, B1C1N, B2C2N, A1C1N, and A2C2N LLL: A1B1C1, A2B2C2 Fault location 1, 10, 20, 30, ...,80,and90KM ([L.sub.f] in KM) Fault inception angle 0[degrees] and 90[degrees] ([[PHI].sub.i]) Fault resistance 0, 50 and 100 H ([R.sub.f]) Prefault power flow 45[degrees] angle ([[delta].sub.s]) Table 3: Comparison of ANN models for FDL.
[greater than] [greater than] Contact Nova East, c/o John Jarvo, 11 Hickman Dr., Truro, NS B2N 2Z2, Canada; 902-897-0529; novaeast@rasc.ca.
Vitria regards this new way of inter-connecting networks of exchanges, hubs and trading partners as the third generation of e-business and calls it 'business-to-network' or B2N.
Cattani, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada, B2N 5E3, P.C.