B2PBlow to Pop (balloons)
B2PBottle 2 Pen (Pilot Corp.)
B2PBusiness to Public
B2PBuy to Play
B2PBeijing to Paris (event)
B2PBusiness to Partner
B2PBridges to Prosperity
B2PBusiness to Peer
B2PBorn to Play (gaming clan)
B2PBudgetary to Proprietary
B2PBuild to Print (electronic equipment assembly)
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In other schools, B2P consulted the CF teacher on how better to include French in the school culture and supported that teacher (who was well-regarded in the district for serving as a mentor to other CF teachers) to continue her professional growth through participation in provincial conferences; while, at B3, the principal encouraged the CF teacher to put forward a proposal to the school council for additional resources and helped position the proposal for success.
Word of mouth and television are the main sources of awareness for P2P, P2B, P2G, G2P and B2P transactions, across all delivery channels.
The municipality of Condega came to B2P with the proposed bridge project after their former bridge was destroyed in Tropical Storm Matthew in 2010.
Borowiec's colleague, Arup engineer Kayin Dawoodi, said B2P was working in developing nations with universities and technical colleges to pass on its expertise.
Tenders are invited for Windlass B2P with remote recoil of the right armature
Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) has announced a new payment option as part of the existing Payment Manager service enabling its commercial, corporate, and institutional customers to speed up B2P (business-to-person) electronic payments, an online report said.
Pilot's B2P Gel features the same gel ink as the company's top-selling gel pen, the G2, and this year the company has introduced the B2P Ballpoint pen, which is made in the United States from domestically sourced bottles and contains 83% post-consumer recycled plastic.
hyperWALLET's global financial network and diverse payment applications made its B2P value proposition unmatched in the world of low value payments," states Peter Burridge, a Director of hyperWALLET Systems Inc.
com Product Non profit books Vendor B2P Commerce Operating System Windows 98SE,Windows 2000, Windows XP Is the product Fund Accounting Fund Accounting, General Accounting or Both The product Direct from firm is sold direct from your firm, through a reseller or both Number of seats in One; $699 for five-user license base model and cost for additional seats Available modules General ledger, accounts receiv- and the pricing: able, accounts payable, project/grant reporting, budgeting prices all included in base product price of $399 Your software Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, packages Windows XP are available in Does your software Yes run on a network?
In 2015, Parsons committed to becoming a Country Partner for B2P, an organization dedicated to building footbridges over impassible rivers so that isolated communities can access healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.