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B4CBible 4 Children (Pontrhydyrun Baptist Church; Torfaen, UK)
B4CBuild-For-Change (Pegasystems Inc.)
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Putting itself in customers' position, SooBest introduces the new business model of "procuring by order" -- the B4C mode.
On the Mechanical Properties and Fracture Behavior of Zr and Ti-Containing A1-15vol% B4C Based Metal Matrix Composites (14-036)
These mirrors are Silicon substrates (reflectivity 35 %) with B4C coating (reflectivity 25-30 %), and the measurements will be carried out in normal incidence and grazing incidence.
The successful organisations are those who will have a B4C policy.
The CVD system will use a fluidized-bed reaction chamber for the deposition of materials such as C, ZrC, SiC, B4C, Nb, Mo, and NbSi onto substrate materials such as ZrO2, Mo, TiO2/Al2O3, C, SiC, ZrC and Nb.