B4DBusiness for Development (Africa)
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Artificial inoculation of B4d was assessed done for pathogenicity on kenaf seeds.
The standard PCR analysis by ITS-rDNA amplification method was used to successfully identify isolate B4d as L.
But, after ordering him to change his T-shirt reading "B4D MO7H3R FU5K3R", they suspended a three-month jail term.
The "Incumbent Support Model," featured in a 1988 issue, provides a handy formula--IV = a + b1P + b2I + b3cd + b4d + b5s + b6c + b7b + b8pc + b9pm + b10i$ + b11cps + b12cc + b13c$ + b14npc + b15mt + e--to conclude that the guy with the most money gets the most votes.