B707Boeing 707 (airliner)
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The initial pledge was for 150 Special Air Services troops, two B707 tanker refuelling aircraft, two P3 long-range maritime aircraft and a navy guided missile frigate.
Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF): Aircraft Allocated as of October 1990 Domestic Segment (37) B727 8 DC-6 1 L-188 12 L-100 16 Alaskan Segment (4) L-188 2 DC-6 2 Aeromedical Segment (31) MD-80 3 B-767 28 Short-Range International Segment (34) B-727 26 B-737 4 B-757 4 Long-Range International Segment (400) Passenger (250) Cargo (150) DC-8 10 + 56 = 66 B-747 115 + 56 = 171 DC-10 71 + 26 = 97 L-1011 33 + 0 = 33 A310 21 + 0 = 21 B707 0 + 12 = 12 Source: MAC HQ Form 312, Monthly Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) Capability Summary, 1 October 1990.
According to Elbit, C-Music performed a series of successful flight tests on board a B707 in January 2012, while more recently according to other sources, it completed operational tests on an unspecified Heyl Ha'Avir platform.
In August 2006 the first 'hands-off' probe-and-drogue in-flight refuelling was performed in a joint Darpa-Nasa Dryden programme, using an F/A-18 and an Omega Air B707 tanker.
It may be noted that France has three KC-135Rs, and 14 other countries operate small numbers of B707 tanker conversions, notably Iran with 14 707-3J9Cs, Israel with eight 707-320s and Saudi Arabia with eight KE-3As.
In 1991 Boeing announced that, following the closure of the B707 line, further Awacs production would be based on the B767-200ER.
However, the last B707 airframe rolled off the line in May 1991.
In US service, the ATACMS will rely for targeting information on the Grumman/Norden JSTARS radar, to be carried on Boeing E-8A (modified B707) aircraft.
A friend, who is a retired B767 captain, mentioned that the Canarsie approach was developed in the late 50s when B707s and DC8s began operating at Idlewild (IDL, before it was renamed Kennedy International, JFK, in 1963).