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B8ZSBipolar with 8-Zero Substitution
B8ZSBinary 8-Zero Substitution
B8ZSBipolar 8 Zero Substitution
B8ZSBit Eighth Zero Suppression
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Hodgson discovered that the telcos, in many cases, had no idea at all how to arrange local access via T1 with B8ZS (bipolar eight zero substitution) and ESF (extended superframe format) services.
B8ZS allows 64-kb/s clear data per channel, inserting two violations of the bipolar line-encoding technique rather than one for every seven consecutive zeros.
To provide the clear channel service, WilTel employs B8ZS (Binary 8 Zero Substitution) line coding, which maintains the "ones" density requirement in the transmitted bit stream.
AT&T also offers 64-kb/s clear channel capability using B8ZS as the preferred coding, but also supports the Alternate Channel Alternate Mark Inversion (ACAMI) line coding.
Although it's not possible to predict all of the concepts that will be carried forward into general use by technological inertia, the extended superframe format (ESF) and bipolar eight-zero substitution (B8ZS) are two likely candidates.
Below that is a schematic representation of the bipolar bit stream without B8ZS for the bit values in the top row.