BAAABay Area Apartment Association (Tampa, FL)
BAAABachelor of Applied Arts in Animation
BAAABlind Adaptive Antenna Array
BAAABay Area Autodueling Association (gaming)
BAAABerwick Area Ambulance Association (Berwick, PA)
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Caption: Scene from the movie "Baa Baaa Black Sheep"
5 ( ANI ): The first glimpse of 'Baa Baaa Black Sheep' is out.
BAAA'li hucrelerin 10 kat daha fazla miktarda ALDH inhibitoru dietil amino benzaldehit (DEAB) ile inkubasyonu [] (Aldehit dehidrogenaz bright) hucrelerin floresans yogunlugunda onemli azalmayla sonuclanir ve negatif kontrol olarak kullanilir.
I said, 'Richard, you have no idea how many women would be thrilled to be locked in a very small space with you and the only thing I can think is that you smell like a barn.' For the rest of the day every time they cut, he would just turn to me and go, 'Baaa!'.
He had been non-verbal until the day he leaned over and said "baaa" in Spin's ear.
Of course, Murphy's Law always in full force on the farm, our ram, Waits (so named after the singer Tom Waits for his unusually deep, gravelly baaa) chose that moment to come out from around a bush and the edge of the pounder clipped his head.
It is fair to say that on our weekend in Swaledale - in mid-April on a glorious sun-filled break in the middle of lambing season - there was only one soundtrack baaa none...
Anthemic choruses, sometimes as easy as the ba ba baaaa ba baaa on "Manners," their 2010 single later sampled by frat-rap duo Chiddy Bang, invite arms-around-your-girls participation, while a few tracks speak directly to the sorrow-curing high of cutting loose.
"I was at a Low Income Housing Coalition meeting in April and some people wanted to know how owners could consider rent increases when there are still so many people who are unable to afford any sort of housing at all," says Jeff Rogo, Government Affairs Director for the Bay Area Apartment Association (BAAA), "It opened our eyes."
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A Toothy Crocodile!"; "BAAA! A Soft Little Lamb!"; and "Jeepers!