BAADBronx Academy of Arts and Dance (Bronx, NY)
BAADBritish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (UK)
BAADBusiness Architecture and Delivery (Flextronics)
BAADBend Agility Action Dogs
BAADBand Advance
BAADBases Accept, Acids Donate (mnemonic device)
BAADBlunt Abdominal Aortic Disruption
BAADBoston Access Advocates for the Deaf
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Baad: Another scam was a quick boat ride along the river with a view of the different stalls selling local wares and food items.
Organisers say:"We here at BAaD want to celebrate the bustling craft beer scene in Glasgow and beyond with a great big summer beer festival.
When I started with 'Baaki Baatein Peene Baad' in 2015, there was barely anyone doing [it] and now everyone is doing it.
After the welcome address by BUQ General Secretary Ahmad Ashfaque, Naushaba Khatoon's book Khizan K Baad (After Autumn) was launched.
This prompted an interesting debate on Wenglish as those of us of the Valleys persuasion reckoned the Welsh word "tost" could be most closely translated as "baad", as in "I have a baad stomach" ("bola tost").
Banned under law, yet girls are given in baad or forced marriage to settle feuds.
BAAD MOVE Gardai tweeted this picture of sheep in Dublin flats yesterday
I feel there always was an audience for all kinds of music." Monica, who has done playback in films such as Break Ke Baad and Inkaar, recalls loving that experience.
BalikBalay provides the materials while the beneficiary provides sweat capital with labor to put up the payag (nipa hut)," said CCTC Chairman Tetta Baad.
And now Deepika will join the elite league, partnering with her "Break Ke Baad" co-star Imran.
The line-up of TV shows include Baad Al Tarawih (health, culinary, and socio-cultural topics related to Ramadan), Tijan Al Nour Holy Quran Recitation Contest, HezEorfen, Min Qossass Al Tabeen, Qisas Al Insan Fil Quran (animation of stories from the Quran) and the new comic series Shams W Rami.