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BAAFBritish Association for Adoption and Fostering (aka British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering; London, England, UK)
BAAFBig Apple Anime Fest (New York, NY)
BAAFBrussels Ancient Art Fair
BAAFBritish Agency for Adoption and Fostering (UK)
BAAFBremer Anti-Atom Forum (Germany)
BAAFBadger Army Ammunition Plant
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We ve worked very closely with the sector and local authorities since we were made aware of the unfortunate collapse of BAAF to ensure that the support and services it provided remains in place in Scotland.
BAAF says it is to continue operating for a limited time in Wales - it is not yet clear what will happen to either of those services after that ceases.
There's also the third instalment of ArtConnoisseurs, a series of conferences organised in conjunction with BAAF and held at the Cinquantenaire Museum.
For example, a recent survey commissioned by BAAF revealed that nearly a third of people thought that being a single man would automatically exclude you from adoption.
Head of public affairs Richard Royal said: "I'm touched by the amazing work BAAF does and this grant will make a massive difference to thousands of adults and children for years to come.
Phone the National Adoption Week helpline on 020-7593 2060/1/2 for a free information pack on adoption and a copy of Be My Parent, the BAAF newspaper featuring children waiting for adoptive families.
Hanton explained that the program envisaged for BAAF is a graduated one starting with the introduction of higher-volume products like the MS range of starters from the company's plant in Acton, London.
All medical advisers who had experienced predictive genetic test requests were aware of either the BSHG guidelines or the BAAF practice note, and had referred to them in the course of decision-making.
Grey-haired Mrs Barker said she had enjoyed ten years of trouble-free success at BAAF, helping it to develop policy and representing it at national level.
As part of this year's fair, BAAF is also organising a special exhibition around the theme of ancient Greek black-figure pottery.
What comes out at the end of the programme is that the days have their difficulties, but in a UK where the BAAF says there are around 4,000 children needing adoption every year, there must be other ways to find them families.