BAAHPBronx African American History Project (Fordham University)
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community-university collaborative endeavor such as the BAAHP. Each
in large part, because of the BAAHP, whose mission and methodology draws
The BAAHP is a public history research and education initiative
BAAHP's work, the project's heart and soul is an ongoing
(11) This path tends to fall in line with patterns evidenced in the BAAHP's interview data overall, in which African Americans reported in large number a similar path of settlement in the Bronx.
From the oral histories the BAAHP has collected during this period, we see that West Indian migrants directly witnessed and were affected by the borough's socioeconomic decline but still insisted upon continuing their and their children's upward mobility.
An additional consideration about the BAAHP regarding the data we have collected thus far is that interviewees' access to this project has been circumscribed to some degree by the fact of its containment on a college campus with a previously ambivalent relationship to the surrounding Bronx community.
But this too, is not necessarily a feature of ethnic distinction, as this sentiment of self-determination despite racial subjectivity appears among the recollections of the BAAHP African-American interviewee group as well.
(69) See BAAHP with Gertrude Foster (February 13, 2007) and with Dennis Coleman (February 23, 2006).
Like the majority of the BAAHP's interviews, these three oral histories were recorded in the Department of African and African American Studies conference room at Fordham University.
We had been sitting and listening to La Bruja's life history for almost two hours, with the air conditioner in the BAAHP's small conference room buzzing and gurgling loudly as it seemed to struggle to keep the room cool.
(2) Violence against women within the social space of hip hop culture figured prominently in a roundtable discussion 1 organized under the auspices of the BAAHP's Bronx is Building Lecture Series on January 22, 2009.