BAAIBangladesh Association of America, Inc. (expatriate group; Springfield, VA)
BAAIBahamian American Association, Inc. (est. 2002)
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CALCULATION OF BAAI FOR THE THREE MONTHS ENDED SEPTEMBER 30, 2001 (in thousands, except per share data) (unaudited) Amortization of acquired intangibles, restructuring and acquisition- related and other nonrecurring U.
Pro forma net income BAAI for the fourth quarter was $1.
56 per share diluted, compared with BAAI of $3,535,000 or $0.
Revenue, net income, BAAI, new orders continue to set new quarterly records.
PESHAWAR -- Nan Baais of Peshawar have observed shutter down strike in the city for claiming it their right while citizens are forced to purchase Chapatti in Rs 15 from open ovens (Tandoors).
As per details, Peshawar Nan Baais Association had (NBA) had demanded from District Administration (DA) to increase the price of Chapatti after the price hike of flour.