BAAPBadger Army Ammunition Plant (Baraboo, WI, USA)
BAAPBritish Association of Academic Phoneticians
BAAPBuenos Aires Action Plan (Centre for European Policy Studies; Brussels, Belgium)
BAAPBritish Association of Audiovestibular Physicians (UK)
BAAPBulgarian Association of Agricultural Producers (est. 2004)
BAAPBalkan Alpe Adria Project (Vienna, Austria)
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In the second example, the use of Arre shows to the reader that his earlier depression about his son's behaviour has turned into irritation as it is now added with another exclamatory word baap. Baap as a word means father but when added to a particle like Arre it becomes an emphatic marker.
Government is the largest agency mandated for overall development of people amidst a hangover of Maai Baap sarkar of the British Raj.
Name your baap ( father), What are you doing here?" -- by members of the group.
But when my munshi (manager) said the same thing to them, they said to him, 'Oi, kya tere baap kay ghar say khatay hain?' (Do they eat from your father's house?).
"That's why we called it the baap (father) of all apps," he says.
Pastor James Baap on his part also called on South Sudanese to stop using social media as a platform to spread hate messages, urging them to focus on peace and love for one another.
An angry old gentleman, who was not at all gentle, tapped on my shoulder, and said, "Khila pila ke, padha likha ke, maa baap bachchon ko kyun bada karte hain?" (Why do parents feed and educate their children, bring them up with so much care?)
Speaking Thursday at the third annual meeting of Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Producers (BAAP) in the resort of Golden Sands, Taneva specified that the program had not yet been adopted by the government as the coordination process with the Finance Ministry was underway.
Setting a precedent for Indraprastha natives millennia in the future, he essentially says "Tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?" (Do you know who my father is?) and threatens the monkey with bodily harm.
El area de estudio incluyo diferentes areas del Corredor Verde dentro de la region del Bosque Atlantico del Alto Parana (BAAP) o Selva Paranaense.
Tumhara plan hi galat tha, baap ko kidnap karke beti se paisa mangte ho.
Empleando el medio organico ZANSEL se logro aislar cinco cepas diferentes de bacterias asociadas a A platensis (BAAP), las cuales son descritas fenotipicamente a continuacion: