BAAQMDBay Area Air Quality Management District
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It paid a BAAQMD fine of $139,500 in 2018 for pollution coming from the Fremont factory.
substance of BAAQMD's analysis of 24-hour [PM.sub.2.5] have
The specifics of the air monitoring required by the two rules are very different: the BAAQMD rule calls for real-time monitoring of a number of chemicals, whereas the EPA rule requires benzene sampling that triggers remedial action if measured concentrations exceed a specified level.
In 2009, BAAQMD adopted amendments to District Regulation 8, Rule 32: Wood Products Coatings, which requires each manufacturer of wood coatings with at least 1000 gallons for wood coatings sold or distributed into the Bay Area District to estimate formaldehyde emissions from each of the wood coatings.
The BAAQMD report sites specific techniques and practices it wants metalcasters to adopt, as well as listing the specific plants the proposal would influence.
"Twitter is one avenue by which we let the public know if a Spare the Air alert has been issued," says Kristine Roselius, BAAQMD's supervising public information officer.
According to BAAQMD, the successful applicant will serve a term that will end on December 31, 2006.
DaimlerChrysler said use of the F-Cells will help the automaker and BAAQMD gain additional experience with fuel cell vehicles as well as collect data on variables that may affect future vehicle design.
(1994), "Characterization of human exposure to ozone and [PM.sub.10] in the San Francisco Bay area", draft report STI-93150-1416-DR, BAAQMD, San Francisco, CA.
(1984) study (3), the epidemiologists from the California DHS relied on a model developed by the BAAQMD to assess residential exposures to industrial air emissions.
Air quality regulations proposed recently by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) are intended, over the next five years, to reduce volatile organic compound emissions by area wood products finishers from 10 to 5 tons of VOCs per day.
BAAQMD, 2014: Challenging "Winter Spare the Air" season comes to a close.