BAAQMDBay Area Air Quality Management District
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In its advisory, BAAQMD noted that the formaldehyde emission factor may be estimated by the following equation: EF = 10 x FF + 1.
The next step is for the BAAQMD to conduct one or more public workshops to receive input and public comments on the proposal.
BAAQMD started using Twitter in May 2009, and as of early December, it only had about 900 direct followers in a metropolitan area with a population of nearly 7 million.
BAAQMD noted that the board is also seeking applicants for council categories that are currently filled in an effort to build up an applicant pool.
10] in the San Francisco Bay area", draft report STI-93150-1416-DR, BAAQMD, San Francisco, CA.
Ten years ago, [BAAQMD] issued 24 Spare the Air advisories in the summer of 1995," said BAAQMD executive officer Jack Broadbent.
According to BAAQMD, commuters who use alternative transportation -- such as buses, rail and light rail, ferries, trains or bikes -- during the month of September will be eligible to win an Apple iPod and Bose SoundDock Digital Music System.
Nissan is looking forward to working in partnership with BAAQMD and ECOtality to bring Nissan LEAFs and the charging stations that power them to consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area," said Tracy Woodard, director, government affairs, Nissan North America.
BAAQMD said the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission and various Bay Area transit operators will take part in its program encouraging drivers to consider utilizing mass transit options during high-pollution "Spare the Air" days by offering "free morning commutes" on five occasions throughout the summer.