BAARSBay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society (California)
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Mr Baars is a member of Friends of the Earth which, in its assembly election manifesto, called for all spending on roads to be directed into public transport improvements and facilities for cycling and walking.
According to Mr Baars, the journey to work can take 20 minutes by bike, compared with 45 minutes by public transport or car.
By public transport it's a nightmare,'' Mr Baars said.
Mr Baars praised the police's action in the aftermath of the burglary but said the force should reconsider its priorities.
Mr Baars, 45, added: "The police know that their presence deters crime but they're closing police stations.
Conventional wisdom and research on aging overemphasize chronological or external time, according to Baars (interpretive gerontology, U.
Baars, a designer from the Netherlands, brings together optical illusions from ancient times to the present.