BAARTBay Area Addiction Research and Treatment (San Francisco, CA)
BAARTBackcountry Avalanche Awareness Response Team (Alaska)
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Mary's Parish of Marshall continued long after Father Baart's death.
In sudden death, both teams matched each other till Wizards' Alexander Baart missed and Daniel Beale beat Bazeley to send Ranchi into the final.
Joan LG Baart presented his paper through video conferencing from Germany on measuring and promoting language vitality.
Resolving the convicts' disappearance wasn't the team's intention, said Fedor Baart, a coastal scientist at the Deltares research institution in the Netherlands.
Simulation specialist Fedor Baart said: "We added a paddling effect to the boats, as we assumed the prisoners would paddle as they got closer to land." They would have had their best chance of living if they left before midnight.
An early bimanual palpation showing a deviated uterus with a palpable adnexal mass, a mass extending outside the uterine angle (Baart de la faille's sign) or displacement of fundus contralateral side with rotation of uterus and elevation of affected horn known as Ruge Simnn Syndrome should lead to a suspicion of a Mullerian anomaly.
The team consists of Vu Nguyen, Master of Fine Arts, Kansas City, MO; Chelsea Baart, The Embellisher, Victoria, BC; Christy Graham, The Abstract Artist, Cincinnati, OH; Jeany Perez, Elegance with an Edge, Lake Mary, FL; Robert Nguyen, Winning Design, Oceanside, CA; and Adela Munoz, Storybook Nails, Fontana, CA.
Forouzanfar T, Sabelis A, Ausems S, Baart JA, Waal IV: Effect of ice compression on pain after mandibular third molar surgery: a single-blind, randomized controlled trial.
In spite of the limitations of the presently available material, the aim of this paper is to present some novel data on Kalkoti, particularly focusing on how this Shina variety in a relatively short time span has drifted apart from its closest known genealogical relative Palula (described in Liljegren 2008), and undergone significant linguistic convergence with Kohistani Gawri (described in Baart 1997; Baart 1999a).