BABATBerkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy
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According to reports, Babat has purchased property in Dubai, two bungalows in Multan and one in Quetta, property in Karachi worthy of 130 million rupees and a petrol pump in Dera Ghazi Khan worthy of 75 million rupees.
Spraying pesticides (menyolo), weeding (babat), clearing bushes (miring) and applying fertilizers (memupuk) are considered light maintenance tasks and largely if not exclusively performed by teams of women.
PKG has two units of water purification plant at Gunungsari Surabaya, using the water of the Brantas river and in Babat Lamongan using the water from Bengawan Solo river.
Lamongan, Jumada II 1, 1434, Apr 11, 2013, SPA -- Floods have submerged a total of 1,157 houses in Laren and Babat Sub-districts, Lamongan District, East Java Province since Tuesday, as Bengawan Solo River overflowed.
But in other countries they dish it up in all sorts of ways, like the Andouille French tripe sausage, or the spicy Indonesian dish Babat.
McGill, 19, beat home favourite Jamie Clarke 4-1 in the final of the 15 to 20 age group while 14-year-old Muir overcame England's Adam Babat 3-1 to secure his title in the Under-14 section.
Village guard Servet Babat died on the scene of the explosion, while wounded guard Sadik Yarar was taken to hospital for treatment, officials added.
[15.] Panjabi MM, Cholewicki J, Nibu K, Grauer JN, Babat LB, Dvorak J.
Table 7 shows that there are 20 accessories (Fig 5,6,7): which the T'boli tribal dancers use: Slo-ung Kenibang, Kayab, S'wat, S'wat Tembuku, S'wat Henafak, B'ketut, Kawat, Namong, B'kuku, Kewel, Li-eg Hekef, T'noyong, Singkil Linti, Kala, B'lusu, Singkil Babat, Singkil Sequlong, Tugul, Tising, Hilet.
The herbal category that is believed to have this property of nullifying the conspiratorial intent to destroy is the babat (wall or defenses).
The ghd range is available from Hair by Harris Babat Sabino at Stranmillis Road Belfast, from pounds 10.95.