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BABEBe Active, Be Emancipated (women's rights group; Croatia)
BABEBudi Aktivna Budi Emancipirana (Croatian: Be Active, Be Emancipated; women's rights group; Zagreb, Croatia)
BABEBeekeeping and Apis Biodiversity in Europe (EU)
BABEBanking Automation Bulletin for Europe (monthly publication)
BABEBeautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternally Significant
BABEBurst and Background Evaluation
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The babe sat on the floor watching the scene, his face in contortions like that of a woman at a tragedy.
The babe crawled under the table and, turning, peered out cautiously.
The babe was staring out from under the table, his small face working in his excitement.
should I kill my own child that its life might be given for the life of the babe of Baleka?
If you allow any to enter, or if you speak a word, then my medicine will not work and the babe will be dead indeed."
But round the throat of the still-born babe I tied a string of fibre as though I had strangled it, and wrapped it loosely in a piece of matting.
"No," grumbled Emma Jane; "infant is worse even than babe. Rebecca, do you think we'd better do as the circular says, and let Elijah or Elisha try the soap before we begin selling?"
"I can't imagine a babe doing a family wash with ANY soap," answered Rebecca; "but it must be true or they would never dare to print it, so don't let's bother.
With the death of the babe his fit of demoniacal rage passed as suddenly as it had seized him.
Inside the den they saw the strange white ape lying half across a table, his head buried in his arms; and on the bed lay a figure covered by a sailcloth, while from a tiny rustic cradle came the plaintive wailing of a babe.
"That little babe hath been gifted with a voice, to second and confirm the counsel which thou hast heard.
Levin made no answer this time, not because he did not want to enter upon a discussion with the priest, but because, so far, no one had ever asked him such questions, and when his babes did ask him those questions, it would be time enough to think about answering them.