BABHABay-Arenac Behavioral Health Authority (mental health care provider; Bay City, Michigan)
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The location of such novels are train journeys from Belfast to Dublin, foreign destinations, surreal locations, therapy sessions--the liminality as described by post-colonialist critic Homi Babha. (63)
His argument turns on a single illustration, the first sentence of Homi Babha's The Location of Culture.
As Homi Babha (1994) has argued, in any society that is based upon the systematic domination of a particular group, hatred and vilification of that group are only part of the way in which individuals from that group may be perceived and imagined.
So too was the view of Patrarchis Babha of Antioch, the supreme head of Babu Paul's Orthodox Church.
Sidi Ould Babha Ould Al-Tah, and Minister of Rural Development Ibrahim Ould Mubarak.
Tenders are invited for Improvement & widening to Singanvapur Kuregoon Babha lo Distt.
Tenders are invited for Improvement to Ner Babha Gimona Babulgaon Kalamb Road SH-317 In Km.
Homi Babha Road, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005.
Tenders are invited for Deepening Of Existing Vadhariavalu Talav Near Babha Bavubha~s Vadi At Village : Ravani Khijadiya Taluka : Jamnagar , District : Jamnagar
The Indian side was represented by 6 members from the Babha Atomic Research Centre and the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research.
The loan agreement has been signed by Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi , Acting Director General of ADFD, and Sedi Weld Babha Weld Altah, Minister of Economic Affairs and Development in Republic of Mauritania.