BABIPBatting Average on Balls in Play (baseball)
BABIPBay Area Blacks in Philanthropy (San Francisco, CA)
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In trying to keep this as simple as possible, BABIP is often influenced by the proportion of ground balls, line drives and fly balls a player hits.
So, if Longoria's BABIP returns to even a league average figure in 2012 ( it will likely be higher), and his leaner frame allows him to play a full season, we can expect the Rays' franchise player to produce the MVP-caliber season he's capable of.
A team with a lower BABIP does a better job of converting batted balls into outs than a team with a higher BABIP.
Thus, for BABIP and RPG-residual, each team could earn a minimum of 50 points and a maximum of 100.
Taking the logic of BABIP, if a team does a better job of converting balls in play to outs, the simplest way to assess fielding quality is to determine who is responsible for those outs.
So the theory is that if Scott Elarton's BABIP is better than Roger Clemens', then the whole thing must fluctuate because of luck.
He spent his whole off-season thinking about how he is going to beat the system, how he is going to keep his BABIP low and keep winning games and keep his ERA low.
A pitcher shows statistically significant BABIP consistency across the length of his career.
He calculated the percentage of BIP that each of these categories represented, the BABIP for each category, and the year-to-year correlations for each of those.
Major league pitchers have a better BABIP than minor league pitchers who never made it to the big leagues.
To begin with, the question of whether the pitchers themselves have any effect on BABIP was reexamined.
It seems reasonable to attribute the much higher persistence of team Hits Prevented to a less variable influence on BABIP, the skill of the fielders.