BABRBay Area Boxer Rescue (San Jose, CA)
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Did he make a call to his father from the detention centre after he was arrested?" Pakistan's leading newspapers have reported that Rashid made his escape on the back of a motorbike, driven by another of his sons, Babr Abbas - a civilian worker with the local police force.
The kingdom has also qualified in two other disciplines within the Summer Games as Arab champion Azza Al Qasmi aims for a top finish on the shooting range and two young swimmers Khalid Babr and Sara Slaij prepare to make a big splash in the swimming section.
The Sunday Times, the paper she had worked for for 25 years, put her final dispatch from the Babr Amr area of Homs so that everyone could read it.
of five beauty salons around the Gulf region, judged the grand finale, which was held at Shangri-La's Babr al Jissah last week.
Fairmont al Babr is host to two celebrity restaurants: Frankie's from legendary italian jockey Frankie dettori; and Marco Pierre White's steakhouse and Grill - this eatery is the celeb chef's first outside of the UK and is also home to one of the largest selections of wine in the city.
Three commissions led separately by Farhatullah Babr, Mumtaz Bangash and Justice (Retd.) Ajmal Mian who had been working on proposing amendments to the FCR prepared recommendations, but they too have not yet been implemented.
Whether you're a Squad Designated Marksman or a Trained SCOUT Sniper, the SPECTER-Bolt Action Battle Rifle (BABR) will fit the mission.
Speaking at a gathering in Gujranwala Babr Awan said the aim of those who awarded tickets to fake degree holders for mid-term elections would not be fulfilled.
Bullous arthropod bite reaction (BABR) occurs in sensitized individuals as a delayed hypersensitivity immune reaction to insect saliva.
The total number of taxa (45) found among the oysters in this study was relatively high and compare favorably with the findings of previous studies of oyster communities (Wells 1961, Babr 1974, Dame 1979, Larsen 1985, Stanley & Sellers 1986, Zimmerman et al.
Inventory of 300 BMP-1s and 100 BMP-2s in mid-1996 * May be producing T-72s and BMP-2s through licensing from Russia * Domestic production of a Chinese version of the BMP called the Boragh * Domestic production of an APC called the BMT-2 or Cobra * May have purchased of 100 M-46 and 300 D-30 artillery weapons from Russia * Testing prototype of 122 mm self-propelled gun called Thunder * Has shown a modified heavy equipment transporter called the "Babr 400" * Has Russian and Asian AT-2s, AT-3s, and AT-4s.
Officials at ministry of NHS said that Babr Bin Atta's work on polio was appreciated by the PM and new head on the ministry of NHS Dr Zafar Mirza.