BACBBehavior Analyst Certification Board
BACBBritish Arab Commercial Bank (UK; est. 1972)
BACBBulgarian American Credit Bank
BACBBritish Association of Communicators in Business
BACBBirmingham Area Cable Board (Birmingham, MI)
BACBBel Air Community Band
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Florida and the BACB have procedures intended to capture transgressions.
BACB is a publicly quoted bank in Bulgaria, which is largely focused on the country's small and medium-sized enterprise community.
This simple strategy, combined with top quality customer service, has resulted in BACB continuously outperforming the Bulgarian banking system.
The BACB is exploring administration of the examinations in the United Kingdom in November.
AIB insist that they were never pressured by a third party to sell their shares in BACB.
99% investment in BACB is included among the investments to be disposed of as part of AIB's capital-raising plan, which shows that BACB as not strategically important to AIB.
AIB has extended a EUR 75 M debt refinancing credit to BACB, which has not been used to the full.
The ratings on BACB continue to factor in the bank's niche franchise focused on secured lending to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Bulgaria, its concentrated loan portfolio, deteriorating asset quality indicators, and structurally high liquidity risk profile.
In this context, the BACB sought to protect consumers from unqualified professionals and to assist them in identifying those with the proper credentials (Shook & Neisworth, 2005).
1, is available for One(1) Continuing Education credit for BACB Certificants by reading the article in that issue, and answering the questions below, then submitting them with payment.
For the first phase of the project, BACB will rollout out Misys eServices Platform Corporate Edition, which will enable clients to use comprehensive cash management facilities within a multi-currency, multi-lingual framework.
Bass Brewers Electronic News," part of the company's "Brewnet" intranet system, received the 1997 BACB award for "the best electronic publication.