BACCSIBell Atlantic Communications and Construction Services, Inc.
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The addition of BACCSI to IBM's nationwide family of Authorized Home Systems Integrators reinforces the importance that home networking is beginning to play in people's lives.
BACCSI has established itself as a leader in working to change the residential communications infrastructure market from simply delivering basic telephone service to bringing a wide array of broadband and networking capabilities into the home.
As the center- piece of the current agreement, IBM will supply co-branded Home Network Connection Centers to BACCSI, thus enabling future network applications and helping protect homes from technology obsolescence.
To help deliver value in home networking systems, IBM recently introduced the first of what is planned to be a series of applications which take advantage of the infrastructure that IBM and BACCSI are delivering.
For more information on the BACCSI representative nearest you please call 1-888-947-3782.