BACDBritish Association of Cosmetic Doctors
BACDBritish Association of Conference Destinations
BACDBusiness Advisory Centre Durham (Oshawa, ON, Canada)
BACDBritish Academy of Childhood Disability (London, England, UK)
BACDBasic Alteration Class Drawing
BACDBasic Access Control Domain
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Dr Christopher Orr, dentist and president of the BACD, said the British public has become 'much more image-conscious' as he talked about cosmetic dentistry procedures such as whitening and veneers which are 'extremely popular'.
The chairman of the BACD wrote to the authority and explained it was an organisation of physicians which promoted the use of non-surgical cosmetic treatments.
Taking up the position for a second time--he previously led the association in 2003/04--he admitted that the BACD was not as financially healthy as it had been, having suffered two years of losses, and its membership had shrunk due to industry mergers.
There have been several mergers and the reality of that is the number of BACD members has decreased.
BACD is the trade association representing all the major, and many of the smaller, conference destinations in the British Isles.
Rick Antonson, chief executive of Tourism Vancouver, will be keynote speaker at the BACD event which opens tomorrow at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, under the theme, Destin- at ion Marketing in a Changing World.
Chris Brown, director of operations at the Mersey Partnership, said that the region had been selected from over 100 competitors: "This is the first time we have been considered as a venue location by the BACD and it is a decision that promotes Merseyside as a viable and confident conference location.
Tony Rogers, BACD executive director, commented: "The Mersey Partnership Conference Bureau put together an excellent presentation and we were impressed by the variety of options open to us.