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BACEbeta-site APP-Cleaving Enzyme
BACEBeneficial Association of Capitol Employees
BACEBase Aeronaval Comandante Espora (Spanish: Naval Air Base Commander Espora)
BACEBritish Airways Component Engineering
BACEBlack American Comptrollers Employees Association, Inc.
BACEBrigade Airspace Coordination Element
BACEBasic Automatic Check Equipment
BACEBrandon & Area Car Enthusiasts (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)
BACEBackbone Activity for Conference and Events (India)
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In addition, the safety of the new BACE drugs has been a subject of concern since Lilly pulled the plug on its product due to liver toxicity.
Pratico said his group has looked at an experimental compound that blocks 12/15-Lipoxygenase function as a potential therapy to inhibit BACE function in the brain.
Since friends' uses of alcohol is associated with both BACE and levels of drinking, we also included a single indicator of friends' drinking behaviors ("My friends drink a lot.
BACE senior vice president of engineering, adds, "We believe our combination of manufacturing processes, raw materials and product designs are unique in the industry and will be a significant competitive advantage for BACE.
Substrate and inhibitor profile of BACE (R-secretase) and comparison with other mammalian aspartic proteases.
Since 1995, BACE has conducted a Vital Links training at least once a year, bringing K-12 instructional assistants and clerical workers together--often more than 100 each time.
This agreement will allow us to employ an investigational imaging agent to help identify patients who might benefit from an anti-amyloid therapy and enable clinical evaluation of our lead BACE inhibitor candidate for Alzheimer's disease, MK-8931.
The compound deters beta secretase enzyme BACE 1 related to the create of beta amyloid.
Discovered in-house by Eisai, E2609 is an investigational next-generation oral candidate for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease that is believed to inhibit BACE, a key enzyme in the production of amyloid beta (Abeta).
The agreement combines each company's BACE (beta-site APP-cleaving enzyme-1) programs targeting Alzheimer's disease into a global co-commercialization and co-development arrangement.
You don't need to target the Beta secretase directly because the 12/15-Lipoxygenase is really the system in the brain that tells BACE to work more or work less," Pratico said.
The researchers found evidence that BACE disrupts the passage of signals into and through cells, thereby triggering seizures.