BACIBefore–after Control-Impact (experimental designs in environmental science)
BACIBurnaby Association for Community Inclusion (Burnaby, BC, Canada)
BACIBrazilian-American Cultural Institute
BACIBangladesh Association of Construction Industry
BACIBusiness Management, Agency, Comparables & Investments (UK)
BACIBell Atlantic Communications, Inc. (now Verizon Long Distance)
BACIBrazilian-American Cultural Association
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32 Ghosts is inspired by an indigenous ritual that takes places in Laos and Northeastern Thailand (Issan) called Baci Su Kwan.
Italian for "kisses," Baci are still made from the original recipe: Perugina's dark chocolate enveloping a heart of gianduia (a blend of chocolate and ground hazelnut cream) that is dotted with more chopped hazelnuts and crowned with a whole hazelnut.
They were once considered a treat for many, or outside the budget, but now thanks to Baci, high-end designs are available to absolutely everyone.
After the merger of BACI and COBACI, what is Cote d'Ivoire's share of the groups activities and what market share do you hold in Cote d'Ivoire?
Little Italy contains Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and balsamic jelly, rice from the Principato di Lucedo, truffle oil, panforte and a tube of Baci chocolates.
In chapter two, "Of Fathers and Daughter, or the Italian Family Interrupted," Lucamante's objective is to look at this relationship through the reading of La dea dei baci (1995) by Ippolita Avalli, Hot line: storia di un'ossessione (1996) by Francesca Mazzuccato, and Diario di Lo (1995) by Pia Pera.
Williamsburg's Baci & Abbracci offers contemporary Italian fare at 204 Grand Street and Bamonte's at 32 Withers Street is more classic Italian.
The company received a Gold Award in the Snacks, Confectionery and Soft Drinks Temporary Display category for a simple pop-up unit created for the launch of Nestle Baci chocolates in small convenience and CTN stores.
Second place winner of the competition went to Jonathan Emerson of La Louisiane with his "Southern Comfort Peach Mint Tea," and in third place, was Brandi Brignac of Belli Baci (the new bar at Cafe Giovanni), with the "Southern Comfort Big Easy Iced Tea.
Baci, Nestle's answer to Ferrero Rocher, ran into trouble before it even hit shelves at the beginning of this year.
As well as selling the Elle McPherson range, Eva is sole Scottish stockist for many luxurious brands such as Beau Bra, Baci, Rubati and Huit - providing an invaluable service on the city's south side.
LITTLE boxes of posh Italian chocs by Baci from Nestle start at just 49p for two - pocket money prices