BACIPBuilding and Construction Improvement Programme (Pakistan)
BACIPBefore-After Control-Impact Paired (biomedicine)
BACIPBritish Association of Christians in Psychology (UK)
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The ripple effect of such damage is increased vulnerability to people living in GBC as well as the low lying areas of coastal Sind, where AKPBS,P has also replicated BACIP.
BACIP's main energy efficient products include: an improved fuelwood stove for cooking and room heating with a chimney to remove smoke; water-warming facility that results from the stove; roof hatch windows to cut drafts; and insulation for roofs, floors and walls.
The AKPBS,P's BACIP works to uplift marginalized communities providing them equal access to opportunities.
The BACIP products are purposefully not trademarked-as social entrepreneurs, for AKPBS,P, the ethical responsibility is in the societal benefits of replication, Nawab Ali Khan, Chief Executive Officer, AKPBS,P, said.
With local production and sales of BACIP products, AKPBS,P has provided employment opportunities to over 300 people.
Since 2014, AKPBS,P has evolved BACIP to include energy efficient government buildings, health centres and schools, including Gupis and Garamchashma Hospitals and Gilgit Medical Centre.
The Pakistan Engineering Council also adopted BACIP building guidelines as a best practice.